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Scaling.tv is the TV unit of the Leverate Media Group – an experienced partner for performance and direct response (DR) TV. Commercials on television can even be relevant for businesses that are looking for performance, trackability and strong sales numbers. In such a case branding is mostly seen as an attractive side product, but will be taken care of from our team as well. The planning of a performance driven TV campaign can be quite different from a classic TV flight – especially in terms of discounts, terms and the entire booking setup. Digital businesses (e.g. eCommerce, mobile apps, eServices) are often granted access to special direct response discounts. This allows us to achieve even ambitious CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPI (Cost per Install) and CPL (Cost per Lead) targets for our clients – feel free to ask for references.

Furthermore, traditional businesses (no online focus) trust our services as well, because our media approach that is based on trackability and efficiency can be a key factor to meet sales and revenue targets in the offline world as well.  Leverate is having inhouse solutions to deliver to allocate the impact of TV flights on offline sales – feel free to ask for case studies.

Global Performance TV is a strong term and several independent media agencies around the globe are pitching it, but without being able to prove real internationality. That’s different at scaling.tv: our core team is based in Berlin (Germany), but we are having planners, buyers and account manager around the world to take care of our clients needs, targets and challenges. Scaling.tv is strategically located as well in Cologne, Munich, Singapore, Jakarta, London, Paris and New York. Bogota and Tokyo will follow in Q2/2016.

TV Advertising

TV advertising is still widely seen as the top of all media channels.No other channel can create such a massive reach in only a short time as TV can do. But budgets have to be more significant than for Online or Social campaigns, optimization is more limited and therefore the risk much higher – especially when it comes to performance and direct response targets.

The last years showed excellent improvements in the field of TV trackability and optimization. Several major TV stations introduced attractive deals for unsold inventory and made it more relevant for KPI driven businesses (e.g. Cost per Sale/Install/Lead/Signup) to scale their operations even faster with efficient TV flights. 

Today companies can even start a first TV flight with a budget of EUR 50.000/month (e.g. on niche stations) and make first tests of this strong scaling channel for their business.

TV Services

The services of scaling.tv are comprehensive and we are happy to take care of all tasks for your TV flight including: TV media planning (based on your target group and learnings from the past), consulting, explanation and discussion of TV plans, TV media buying, approval of TV spots in all countries, TV performance tracking & measurement, flight optimization and distinctive reportings – Leverate is able to completely fulfil this offering for all countries globally.

Our TV plans are based on the relevant market tools in each country – like TV Control, TV Scope or Kantar Media.

Let us challenge your previous TV flights with our tools and we make sure that your next flight will only be live on the stations that deliver the best results for your product or business. Our TV auditors are always happy to conduct a free ex-post analysis to identify efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Our global direction and expertise makes it possible to meet our teams in Europe, the US or APAC personally and within days. A personal connection, transparency and good communication is key for us and a successful TV campaign.


After the TV media booking scaling.tv‘s hardest task just started. Our team is using independent tracking tools to ensure true, honest, correct and transparent results of the performance of a TV flight. Our experience and feedback from numerous clients showed that agency inhouse solutions actually showed (let’s call it) too optimistic data compared tot he results from independent specialists.

The data of the performance and direct response tracking is used to optimize the TV plans on a weekly basis – that means we place our clients only on the channels, programs and shows where we see the best results from the TV-to-WEB tracking analysis, but even considering KPIs like sales or leads to make the conversion measurement as valid as possible. Scaling.tv even developed a super-transparent inhouse solution to quantify the BRAND TRAFFIC (the visits that cannot directly be allocated to the TV flight) – feel free to ask for our distinctive case studies.

We are very realistic about TV media business: when we do a great job, meet our clients expectations & targets, achieve exclusive discounts (considering CPMs, GRPs as well), deliver a superherb service, then the chances are good to receive attractive follow up budgets. Therefore everyone at scaling.tv always gives 150% and is excited to take care of your challenges – every day.

Synchronized with Online

TV is an important and crucial part of each media mix – for almost all B2C companies with ambitious growth and revenue targets. Nevertheless, the performance outcome can even further be increased if digital channels like Online Display, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin), Search and Mobile are additionally closely synchronized with a TV flight.

Scaling.tv is having a unique advantage in the combination of TV <-> Digital and is always happy to provide you with various success stories (e.g. conversion uplifts for synchronized TV-Online/Social campaigns). All digital campaigns will be delivered inhouse in close cooperation with Leverate IO, Leverate Media Asia or Leverate Media Americas – our sister companies for Digital and all othher Offline channels. Scaling.tv is sharing the reporting and overhead structures with the Leverate Group and this is why we can guarantee strong synergies and a smooth process for the joint campaign success.

Scaling.TV GmbH

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